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When God Seems Late

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Until the time that his word came to pass,

The word of the Lord tested him.

Psalm 105:19

Many of us have promises that we are sure God made us – those which He spoke to us through His Word, and confirmed in various ways.  And then, much like Abraham awaiting the promised son, we see God apparently lose interest in the fulfillment of that which He spoke.  The dream lies dormant in the ground, and the vision dies.  We sometimes ask ourselves, “Was that really God speaking?  Or just my imagination?  If that was God, why has the answer delayed so long?”  And with each passing year and season of life, the possibility of the promise ever being fulfilled grows increasingly dim. 

Perhaps some of us are there right now – God spoke of glory, but your life has known much suffering.  God promised breakthrough, but you’ve seen much battle.  And through the daily tests and trials, your faith begins to wear down.  Your prayers lose their sharpness, and your joy start to wane.

Child of God, that is precisely the process of the Lord fulfilling His word to you.  That is the seedbed for a miracle.  A wise saint who had studied and experienced the ways of God once said:

“Difficulty is the very atmosphere of miracle – it is miracle in its first stage.  If it is to be a great miracle, the condition is not difficulty but impossibility.”

Taken from Streams in the Desert

My friend, every type of trial you have faced – all the suffering and storms, every battle and betrayal, every rejection and apparent downturn – are all part of God’s preparing you for the full fruitfulness He desires from your life.  Joseph could not have overseen Egypt had he not first overseen the prison; every step of suffering was necessary to prepare him for the blessings that lie ahead. 

All the suffering God’s children endure – those whose hearts are after Him – has a divinely-ordained end; He knows the thoughts He thinks toward you, of peace and not calamity, of blessing and not destruction (Jeremiah 29:11).  He will accomplish His desired end in His perfect timing – not one moment too soon or late. 

God will help you, He will answer you, He will meet you.  “My God of mercy shall come to meet me” (Psalm 59:10).  Be not afraid.  The Sovereign One has undertaken to help you.  Your Redeemer lives, and He is drawing nigh.  He is your Advocate, Provider, Shepherd, Savior, Defender, and the Lover of your soul.  He is testing, refining, purifying, and stretching your faith; but only to bless you, not to destroy.  “He knows the path I take…” (Job 23:10), and He will bring you forth as purest gold. 

Rest in His great love for you today, and ask Him to revive and revitalize your faith.  Begin to thank Him for all the unfailing love and faithfulness He’s poured out on your life in the past, and entrust the future to Him – including the promises He gave you – with fresh abandon.  He will show Himself strong on your behalf, even this very day.

Much love in Jesus our Savior,

Pastor Matthew Casey

© Springs of Life Ministries, 2010