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Really, Incredibly GOOD NEWS for you!

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Do you realize today what incredible love has been given unto us?  God came down, the Immortal took on flesh and blood, and the Creator of the Universe humbled Himself to be born in a feeding trough.  The High and Holy One who inhabits eternity (Isaiah 57:15) stooped down not just to behold our troubled lives, not just to love or care, but to become just like one of us – to know trouble and pain, betrayal and rejection.  He felt the ache of being misunderstood, and the sting of religious hatred.  He tasted suffering and sorrow; then in the ultimate act of sacrifice, He tasted death – the very death that you and I deserved.  He bore our shame, our sin, our sickness, and hung on the cross a spectacle to see.  His death purchased our pardon, and He financed our forgiveness with the price of His own blood.

If that were the end of the story, that would be marvelous enough. But there’s more!  This Man Who died for us wasn’t just man – He was God incarnate.  Therefore, even death and the grave could not contain Him.  Jesus descended into hell, proclaimed His victory over our spiritual foes, snatched the keys of sin and death away from the devil, and stripped satan of his authority over us!  Then He ascended to Heaven to take His place of power and honor at the Father’s right hand, and has seated us with Him, far above thrones, powers, principalities, rule and dominion!  He gave us victory over sin!  He gave us the power and presence of His Holy Spirit!  And He gave us authority “to trample on snakes, scorpions, and over all the power of the devil” (Luke 10:19) and the promise that nothing shall by any means harm us!

He has given us a glorious inheritance, made us co-heirs with Him, and appointed us for everlasting life and glory (if indeed we suffer with Him – Romans 8:17).

The merciful One found us as paupers and orphans, helpless and pitiful; but He has made us kings and priests in Him.  We have gone from the poor house to the palace, from death to life, and from being destitute to being loved forever.

HALLELUJAH!!!  So let me ask us one question today: Do you love Him more than ever? Do you love Him without reservation?

Let’s examine our lives and hearts, and (with His Spirit’s help) identify the one thing that presents the greatest challenge or competition to our love for Him.  And then let’s ask (every morning) for the Holy Spirit to obliterate the obstacle, and destroy the idol.  Let’s allow the Holy Spirit to do what all our efforts have failed to accomplish.  Let’s find those promises from Scripture that tell us who and how we really are in Christ, and then let’s begin to receive those truths by faith in Jesus’ Name.  Let’s allow the reality of God’s resurrection power to work in our lives this day.  And let’s decide to make our lives about this one thing: to love the One who first loved us, and to live for Him Who died for us. Amen!

May the Lord’s Spirit strengthen you today,

Pastor Matthew Casey